Function Generator


The FG-310 integrates functions typically provided by multiple devices, including a signal generator, digital retarder, and preset counter. Combined with a nano-pulse light or stroboscope, it can be used to adjust the lighting timing of image-processing light source equipment, multiple-exposure photography in physics experiments, and observation of high-speed motion.


Model FG-310
Oscillation frequency 1 µsec-1 sec (1 Hz-1 MHz)
Setting resolution ability : 10 nsec
Time delay setting Maximum resolution 10 nsec
Delay angle setting 0-359°, off-setting function
Number of output signal 1-1000 signal(s)
Output pulse width Duty cycle up to 50%
Frequency dividing proportion 1/1 -1/1000
Power supply 100-240 VAC ±10%
Dimensions (W × H ×D mm) 215 ×99 ×250 mm
Mass 2.7 Kg

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