High Power LED Portable Strobe


Mighty strobe L-1 is an LED stroboscope made by SUGAWARA, which has over 60 years of experience in stroboscope manufacturing. While fully exploiting the advantages of LED, sufficiently short flash duration and large light intensity have been achieved.
With a maximum flashing frequency of 360,000 FPM (flashes per minute), it illuminates a wide range uniformly and brightly. Time and cost are saved since there is no need to replace the lamp.
The unit is small and lightweight (980 g, including battery). Its low power consumption enables 9 hours of continuous operating at 1/2 light intensity, and 4.5 hours at maximum intensity. Since no sound is emitted during flashing, it is suitable for use in quiet surroundings.

MIGHTY STROBE L-1 catalog (PDF: 950KB)

Uniform, bright light distribution

The condensing lenses illuminate the area of 40 cm in diameter uniformly and brightly from a distance of 1 m. Using two different colors of LEDs allows observation of objects with natural coloring.

LED strobes and Xenon lamp strobes

Xenon lamp strobes feature instantaneous flash light of high intensity. For example, flash duration of our xenon strobe X-1 is as fast as 5 μsec (1/200,000 second) at the flash frequency of 6000 FPM. A clear still image is obtained even when the object to be observed is moving/rotating at very high speed and/or is very small.
On the other hand, LED strobes emit a large amount of light by adjusting the flash duration. The LED strobe L-1 obtains the same amount of light as X-1 with a flash duration of 50 μsec (1/20,000 second), which is fast enough to acquire a clear still image in ordinary rotational speed measurement and observation.
Please choose LED strobes or Xenon tube strobes according to your application.

Adjusting flash duration and brightness

There are two ways to set the flash duration, "Duty cycle setting mode" and "Time setting mode".

Duty cycle setting mode:
Set the duty cycle in the unit of "%" that represents the ratio of the flash duration in the flash cycle (the time from one flash to the next flash). Brightness can be adjusted in ten steps from 0.1% to 1% in increments of 0.1%.
Since light intensity is constant at the set ratio, brightness of the strobe image is constant even when the flash frequency is increased or decreased. It is suitable for usual rotational speed measurement.

Time setting mode:
Set the flash duration in the unit of "μs". Accurate Flash duration can be controlled by setting it in increments of 0.1 μsec from 0.1 μsec to 1% of the flash cycle.
Since flash duration is constant at the set time, sharpness of the strobe image is constant even when the flash frequency is increased or decreased. It is suitable for observing high-speed moving/rotating objects, or for external trigger flashing.

Equipped with all functions necessary for stroboscopes

In addition to the wide-ranging flash frequency of 30-360,000 FPM for the internal trigger flashing and 0-36,000 FPM for the external trigger flashing, it is also equipped with a jack for outputting a flash signal to external devices.
Moreover, the unit can be connected to a proximity sensor or photoelectric sensor for tachometer use (30-120,000 RPM). The flashing phase shift functions (by angle and time) are ideal for research applications. The battery-operated design allows the unit to be used anywhere.

Compatible Sensors

Proximity sensors: Omron Corporation E2E-X□D1 (2-wire, DC, normally open (NO) output types)
Photoelectric sensors: Omron Corporation E3Z-□6□ (3-wire, DC, NPN output types)

Long-lasting operation with power saving LEDs and built-in lithium-ion battery

With an easy 2 h charge using the AC adapter included, the unit can be used continuously for 9 hours at 1/2 light intensity and 4.5 hours at maximum intensity. Since it can be used during charging, it will not make a break in your work.


  • A super-wide flashing range of 30 - 360,000 FPM (0 - 36,000 FPM by external trigger flashing)
  • No need for lamp replacement
  • High brightness LEDs
  • Two ways for setting flash duration, by duty cycle (%) and time (μsec)
  • 980 g light weight body allowing operation with one hand
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery allowing continuous flashing of 9 hours at 1/2 light intensity and 4.5 hours at max intensity
  • Can be used during charging
  • Easy-to-read OEL display, even in bright places
  • Equipped with an internal trigger flashing, external trigger flashing, phase shift function (angle and time), and tachometer function (30 - 120,000 RPM)

Typical Applications

  • Measure the rotational speeds of various motors
  • Measure the rotational speed and motion inspection in a variety of rotating machinery, such as in manufacturing plants
  • Visual inspection of high-speed rotation and high-speed movement
  • Checking for color, color misalignment, blemishes, crop mark and registry guide misalignment, and other defects in printed materials
  • Measure the spindle rotational speed, yarn balloon inspection, loom timing adjustment, etc. in textile production
  • Inspection of sheet metal surfaces in iron and steel rolling presses
  • Photography and analysis of high-speed phenomena in research fields
  • Educational use, etc.


Model L-1
Flash frequency range Internal trigger: 30 - 360,000 FPM (flashes per minute)
External trigger: 0 - 36,000 FPM
Tachometer measurement range 30-120,000 RPM
Flash duration setting Duty cycle: 0.1 - 1% a flash cycle
Time: from 0.1μsec to the time equal to 1% of a flash cycle (max 500μsec)
Operation modes Internal trigger mode / External trigger mode / Tachometer mode
Delay functions
(external trigger mode)
Angle delay : 0 - 359°, resolution: 1°
Time delay : 0 - 2,000 ms, resolution: 1 ms
External trigger input signals Voltage signal, TTL signal, open collector, relay, contact signal
Voltage Signal: Low Level 0 - 3.6 V, High Level 5 - 26.4 V, Pulse width 10μsec min.
TTL Signal: Low Level 0 - 1 V, High Level 2 - 5 V, Pulse width 10μsec min.
External trigger output signals Photo coupler output: 8 mA / DC 30 V
Battery Lithium-ion battery (built-in)
 Battery life: 9 h at 1/2 light intensity, 4.5 h at maximum intensity
 Recharge time: 2 h typical (when power is OFF)
AC adapter AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Weight 980 g
Dimensions (L×W×H) 182 x 122 x 294 mm
Standard accessories AC Adaptor, Hand strap, Operation manual
Optional Accessories Input signal cable: 8CK-602-182
Output signal cable: 8CK-402-182
Proximity / Photoelectric sensors for external input

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