Stabilized power supply strobe

Strobodriver Z-4841

Low-cost stroboscope with dual 5-W lamps capable of illumination at different rates

Main features

  • Low-cost stroboscope light system incorporating Sugawara-manufactured pulse transformer and xenon flashlamps.
  • Maximum cyclic interval of 0.2 sec (5 Hz). One of two lamps can be illuminated by external trigger signals.
  • Light intensity can be adjusted within a range of 30%.
  • Affordably priced: ¥74,000 (unit price for single-lot purchase [10 units]) (Domestic Price in Japan)
    Excluding pulse transformer and xenon flashlamps.


Model Z-4841
Maximum flash frequency (Input energy to flashlamp) 5 Hz (0.8 joules/flash)
Maximum continuous output power 5 W
Flashlamp life X-71RH : 6 × 107 flashes
X-91RH: 3 ×108 flashes
Flash duration X-71RH : 26 µs (to 1/2 peak)
X-91RH : 29 µs (to 1/2 peak)
Power supply 24 V DC±10 %
Dimensions (W×H×D) 176 ×88.5 ×200 mm
Mass 900 g
Trigger signal Photo coupler
Switching signal for flashlamp Photo coupler (2 bit)

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