Strobe for license plate recognition: Near infrared illumination stroboscope

ESS-5315 Series

Allows video recording of vehicle numbers undetected by the human eye.

Main features

  • The ESS-5315 Series stroboscope incorporates a near infrared light source with a wavelength of 780 nm or longer.
  • It is capable of illumination and video recording undetected by the human eye.
  • ESS-5315-1 illuminates the area of 3.5 m×2.3 m at a distance of 6m, and ESS-5315-2 illuminates the same area at a distance of 20m.
  • The illumination wavelength can be modified by replacing the filter to suit the intended requirements.
  • It is capable of emitting 8 successive flashes at 0.5 s intervals, making it ideal for continuous recording of passing vehicles.

Main optical specifications

Model ESS-5315
Maximum flash frequency 2 Hz, up to 8 times in succession (discharge tube input 150 J/flash)
Continuous flashing frequency Max. 0.066 Hz (15 s interval)
Flash duration Max. 1 ms
Illumination range Horizontal 3.5 m x vertical 2.3 m
Illumination distance 6 m or 20 m
Spectral characteristics Minimum wavelength 780 nm

Main electrical specifications

Model ESS-5315
Power supply 100 V ±10% AC, single-phase, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Average power consumption: Max. 50 W
Max. 800 VA when charging, max. 20 VA at standby
Charge/discharge capacitor 1800 μF
Charge voltage 409 V
Trigger input Photocoupler LED drive
Drive current: Approx. 5 mA
Internal resistance: 680 Ω
Pulse width: Min. 100 μs
Charge stop signal input Charge stopped by open-circuit between input signals, recharge standby following short-circuit
Open-circuit voltage: +5 V
Pull-up resistance: 4.7 kΩ
Flash confirmation signal output Open collector isolation output
Output on when confirmed
Voltage: Max. 24 V
Current: Max. 10 mA
Pulse width: 100 ms

Main ambient specifications

Model ESS-5315
Operating temperature -10℃ to +50℃
Operating humidity 20%RH to 90%RH

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