Stroboscopes for Printing Industry

  • LS-500/CB-LS

    The LS-500 is a new LED Strobe device that is ideal for surface inspection in steel production, paper-making and printing plants.

  • Stroboscope J-6D-U5

    Bright separable-type model for print inspections


    Mighty strobe L-1 is an LED stroboscope made by SUGAWARA, which has over 60 years of experience in stroboscope manufacturing. While fully exploiting the advantages of LED, sufficiently short flash duration and large light intensity have been achieved.
    With a maximum flashing frequency of 360,000 FPM (flashes per minute), it illuminates a wide range uniformly and brightly. Time and cost are saved since there is no need to replace the lamp.


    The MIGHTY STROBE X-1 provides all essential features of a stroboscope in a lightweight body weighing only 900 g (battery included) that can be operated with one hand. The high brightness, high intensity 15 W output makes this single unit ideal for revolution counting of motors and other rotating equipment, inspecting rapidly rotating or moving bodies, and for photographic applications.