LED Strobe System for Metal sheet

LS-500 LED Strobe/CB-LS Controller

The LS-500 is a new LED strobe device that is ideal for surface inspection in steel production, paper-making and printing plants. This device has a maximum flash frequency of 60,000 FPM (flashes per minutes), and emits a large amount of high-brightness white LED light uniformly over a large area. You can extend the illuminated area quite simply by connecting further LS-500 devices (50 cm wide) in the lateral and/or longitudinal directions to match the width of your production line. Up to twelve LS-500 units can be connected to a single CB-LS Controller. Since this device uses LEDs, it also has lower labor and running costs because there is no need for lamp replacement.
The frequency and duration of flashes can be freely set using the CB-LS Controller, making it easy to adjust the visibility of the object under inspection (i.e., its brightness and apparent sharpness).

Main features of LS-500/CB-LS

  • Illumination range can easily be expanded
  • Uses super-bright white LEDs
  • Reduces the cost of lamp replacement
  • Fan-less semi-sealed structure to prevent entry of foreign particles
  • Up to twelve strobe units can be connected to a single controller
  • Flash duration can be freely adjusted
  • Light emission can be externally triggered by a voltage signal, current signal or contact signal
  • Flashes can be emitted at set flash interval synchronized with the line speed (∗1)

(∗1:Please provide an analog current signal proportional to the line speed (0 m/min:≤4 mA; 500 m/min:20 mA). The strobe frequency is calculated from the line speed based on the input signal, and from the flash interval set by the CB-LS Controller.)

Expanding the illumination range

The illumination area can easily be expanded by combining multiple LS-500 units in the lateral and/or longitudinal directions.

Please refer to the illumination range example below when selecting strobe units to suit the width of your line.

Example applications

  • Visual inspection of the sheet steel on a production line
  • Checking printed material for correct color balance, color registration and print quality, and for shifts in the position of timing marks and crop marks

Specifications of LS-500 and CB-LS

Model LS-500/CB-LS
Flash frequency range Internal trigger:30 - 60,000 FPM
External trigger:0 - 60,000 FPM
Flash duration 10 - 200µsec (but up to 1% of the flash cycle)
External trigger input signals Voltage signal:3 - 5 Vp, pulse width 10 µsec or more
Current signal:ON level 10 - 20 mA, pulse width 10 µsec or more
Contact signal:ON time 10 µsec or more (trigger at ON edge)
Synchronized flash to line speed Analog current signal 4 - 20 mA
Provide an analog current signal proportional to the line speed (0 m/min:≤4 mA; 500 m/min:20 mA).
Flash interval:0.02 - 1 m
Dimensions LS-500:499 mm (W)×124 mm (H)×120 mm (D)
CB-LS:114 mm (W)×220 mm (H)×65 mm (D)
Weight LS-500:4.5 kg
CB-LS:1.2 kg
Power supply AC100 - 240VAC, 50/60Hz

External view

Connecting and mounting

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