Short-duration flash, long life type

X-80L xenon flashlamp

This light source is ideal for use with machine vision equipments using CCD cameras. The spectral characteristics closely correspond to natural daylight, offering excellent compatibility with standard camera sensitivity. The tubes have a guaranteed life of 1×108 flashes.


Model X-80L
Trigger type/configuration Internal trigger / 29 mm diameter, 12 pins
A-K (Anode-Cathode) voltage 600 to 1500 V
Trigger voltage 5 to 7 kVp
Maximum continuous input power 15 W(with natural air cooling)
Maximum single input power 5 Joules
Maximum flash frequency 60 Hz
Arc length 8 mm
Life (light intensity half-life) 1×108 Flashes
Trigger pack ST-3A

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