1. Definition of personal information

Personal information is any information concerning an individual that identifies that individual, such as a name, birthday, address, e-mail address, password, log of access to the Company website, personal preferences, and other descriptions, as well as information that can be used to identify the individual (including information that by itself cannot identify the individual but can be easily cross-referenced with other information to identify the individual), such as numbers or symbols assigned to that individual, codes, images, or voice recordings.

2. Cases in which we will ask you to provide your personal information

You will generally not be asked to provide personal information when using the Company website. However, to use certain services, you may be prompted to provide your personal information.

3. Collecting and using personal information

When gathering personal information, the Company will clearly identify the purpose(s) of doing so within the scope required by each service rendered and use the personal information gathered solely within the scope required for the purpose(s). The Company uses fair and legal methods to collect personal information.

If the Company needs to use personal information for a purpose other than the purpose(s) explicitly stated when it collected the information, the Company will inform you in advance. You may reject such use if you do not consent to the use of your personal information for the new purpose.

If you do not wish to provide your personal information, you may refuse to do so. However, note that if a service requires your personal information, your refusal to provide your personal information may prevent the Company from rendering that service.

To provide better service to its customers, the Company may entrust the provision and operation of services based on customer personal information to other companies (commissioned operators) that the Company deems trustworthy.

4. Managing personal information

For the handling of personal information, we assign management personnel and implement strict measures to ensure appropriate handing of personal information. We implement security measures of appropriate and rational levels against not just external information leaks, but other risks, such as unauthorized external access, thereby safeguarding the personal information of our customers.
The Company takes steps to ensure only those with proper access privileges can access databases and other sources of information containing personal information to prevent unauthorized use of personal information inside the Company. The Company also takes steps to ensure commissioned operators manage personal information appropriately to prevent information leaks or unauthorized access.

Note that the Company may entrust certain personal information management tasks to commissioned operators.

5. Disclosure of personal information

The Company will never disclose your personal information to a third party other than commissioned operators without your consent.
However, should disclosure of the personal information of customers be required by the law or by public authorities such as courts or law enforcement officials, the Company may disclose your personal information without your consent.

6. Inquiries about personal information

If you wish to confirm your personal information held by us, we will provide you with the personal information currently held, provided that we can confirm your personal identity, to prevent the leakage of your personal information to a third party.

If the personal information held by us contains errors or needs to be updated, we will correct or delete the incorrect or outdated information per your request, provided that we can confirm your personal identity.

7. Other

This Privacy Policy applies to personal information gathered via the Company website. It does not apply to affiliated companies in Japan or to overseas subsidiaries.

The Company may revise this Privacy Policy to better protect personal information concerning its customers or when pertinent Japanese laws are revised.

The Company assumes no responsibility regarding the security of the personal information of customers at any websites linked to the Company website.

For inquiries regarding the Privacy Policy, please contact us through the "Comments and requests" form of the "Contact us"

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