In many of our customer ball bearing manufacturers, the Anderon Meters are the final inspection tool to test and verify the quality of ball bearings with respect to noise and vibration.
Besides, the bearing users, such as motor manufacturers, are utilizing them to find out the exact quality level of noise and vibration needed to their product motors, and as a result, to check the ball bearings they purchase in the incoming inspections.

  • Applications

    Research to reduce vibration, noise, and rotary torque in bearings

    The Innovative Tribomaterials Group pursues research on new tribomaterial coatings for ball bearings designed for use in extreme environments, including high temperatures and vacuums. Sugawara Anderon Meters and pusher torque sensors are designed to evaluate ball bearing performance and to determine how to reduce bearing vibration, noise, and friction torque using solid lubricant coatings in place of lubrication oil.

  • ADM-101/ADA-15

    Bearing quality assurance by the bearing manufacturer

    MOS Group is a leading manufacture of high quality bearings in China. They are using the Anderon Meter to pursue better quality.
    They are establishing the quality improvement system as follow; they improve design and manufacturing process of ball bearings, then measure those improved ball bearings precisely in the unit of Anderon, and feed back the data to design and manufacturing process.

  • ADM-101/ADA-15

    Acceptance inspection and quality control of bearings by the bearing user

    Top level of quietness is required in small size fan motors used in note PCs. DELTA ELECTRONICS is a manufacturer with a global share in the fields of switching regulators, DC/BLDC motors, and fan motors.
    The Anderon Meter is an essential tool to define the quality standard of ball bearings required for their fan motors, and also to check those bearings in incoming inspection.

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