Design for Functional Systems (Prof. Eiji Matsumoto) Department of Energy Conversion Science Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto University

Torque Meter ATM-2MN-U1

In order to analyze characteristics and movements of spring coils made of shape memory alloy, the customer is measuring torsion moment (torque) of an unwound wire made of the alloy.
This equipment rotates a wire 9 times at maximum, and measures torque and rotation angle while keeping tension of a wire constant.
It can also control the temperature of a wire.

System configuration

  • Torque Meter: ATM-2MN-U1
  • Torque Meter Control Unit: PC-ATM3-U2
  • Special Tool: PC3-MMK1 (Rated torque: 2mNm, Accuracy of torque detection: ±0.7% of full scale)
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