Load Characteristics and Efficiency Measurement of AC/DC/Brushless DC Geared Motors
(Gugje Geared Motor (Korea))

Motor analyzer PC-SAA3, torque meter TB-500KS

GGM, Gugje Geared Motor is a Korea-based manufacturer of geared motors, gearheads, and controllers, supplying various geared motors that use AC/DC/brushless motors to major Korean home appliance manufacturers and to the FA motor market. GGM uses four different torque meters ranging from a 100 mNm model to a 50 Nm model across their broad lineup. Our EMA-CB switcher box allows easy selection and switching between torque meters. GGM connects the Yokogawa Electric’s WT1800 Precision Power Analyzer (six measuring elements) to our PC-SAA3 motor analyzer to accurately measure motor efficiency as well as inverter efficiency.

GGM-Gugje Geared Motor Website

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