KETI (Korea Electronics Technology Institute) Gwangju Regional Headquarter

Motor Analyzer PC-MCT5-11

KETI is a government-affiliated research institute to help small and medium-sized businesses and ventures secure innovative technology, and to develop advanced technologies and create new venture projects.
Accurate measurement of input and output power of electric motors is vital in research of high-efficiency and energy-saving technology. Sugawara's motor torque dynamometers are used as indispensable tools for it.

KETI (Korea Electronics Technology Institute)

System configuration

  • Motor Analyzer PC-MCT5-11
  • CT Unit 79KA-S002
  • Torque Measuring Unit TB-10KS, TB-50KSC-U1, TB-100KSC-U8,
    TB-500KSC-U1, ATH1-50N01

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