Expanded functions of Anderon meters

Can an Anderon meter obtain measurements from a bearing rotating at its normal speed (e.g., 5,000 r/min) in actual use?

The ADM-201 drive unit for small-diameter bearings can be used for the range of speeds from 1,000 to 7,200 r/min.
The drive units for medium-diameter bearings or larger can be used for speeds up to 3,600 r/min.
The ADA-100 general-purpose display unit can be used for speeds 1,200 to 3,600 r/min.
We can also manufacture special display units for customer-specified rotation speeds.

Can the Anderon meter be used to obtain measurements from a roller bearing?

Since it's possible to apply axial pressing force onto a tapered roller bearing, the Anderon meter can be used in the same way as with a ball bearing.
Please contact us if the nature of the application makes it impossible to apply an axial pressing force. We’ll review the measurement conditions and provide a solution.

Can data be managed on a personal computer? That is, can the data be uploaded automatically to a PC?

The ADA-100 Anderon meter display unit comes with a communication function that allows automatic uploading of measurement data. This lets the user create CSV files from the data or take various other actions easily.