PMA-type product problems/malfunctions

The instrument continues to pull on the thread when the Start Measurement command is issued.

The motor may not be rotating. Halt the measurement and check to confirm the motor is rotating properly.

The instrument won't detect a step-out.

When a load is applied to a rotating stepper motor, the waveform of the torque measured during synchronized rotation will contain ripples. However, if a step-out occurs, the detected torque will fluctuate dramatically. The PC-PMA2, PMM-1, and PMA-H-** all use this large fluctuation to identify a step-out. You can adjust step-out detection sensitivity to one of three ranges: Select #1 for highest sensitivity, #2 for moderate sensitivity, and #3 for lowest sensitivity. If you set the highest sensitivity, a ripple generated during synchronized rotation may be identified (erroneously) as a step-out, depending on the type of test motor. If this happens, change the sensitivity setting to a setting better suited to the motor and other conditions.