Malfunctions and repairs

Our stroboscope needs to be repaired. How can I obtain the repairs needed?

Repairs are handled at our plant (in Kawasaki City). Please contact your dealer or send your repair request through one of the sales agents listed on our website. When requesting repairs, describe the malfunction/defect in detail. This information will help make repairs faster and more effective.
Note that products purchased more than ten years ago may not be repairable, due to the discontinued production of electronic parts or other reasons.

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How much would it cost to have a stroboscope repaired?

Repair costs are typically around 35,000 yen for portable models and 50,000 yen for separable-type models.
Please allow about four weeks for repairs. Contact us for repairs of special or made-to-order products.

Can you provide an estimate of repair costs?

We will provide a prompt estimate.
Approximate repair costs are 35,000 yen for portable models and 50,000 yen for separable-type models. If you need a detailed estimate, we will inspect the returned product, then prepare and submit an estimate. This will require some time, and a basic diagnosis fee of 10,000 yen will be charged. Please note that the basic diagnosis fee will charged even if the diagnostic results show the product does not need to be repaired.

The flashlamp appears to be dead. Can I replace the flashlamp?

The flashlamp can be replaced by the user. However, since stroboscopes use high-voltage circuits, extra caution is required. To prevent electric shock and product damage, observe the following precautions:

  1. Turn off power and disconnect the cable from the power outlet, then wait more than five minutes.
  2. Avoid contact with internal parts.
  3. Avoid touching the flashlamp (xenon flash tube) with bare hands. Wear clean gloves or use a soft cloth. Oil from a hand or fingerprint on the flashlamp will reduce service life and may cause malfunctions.

For more information, read the operating manual. If you are not confident you can perform the replacement procedure, we recommend asking your dealer to replace the flashlamp.

The strobe stopped flashing, so I looked at the electrode in the lamp and saw a broken electrode. Will the strobe operate properly if the flashlamp is replaced?

Because the flashlamp (xenon flash tube) is a discharge tube, the electrodes are not connected (unlike an incandescent lamp). The flashlamp is not necessarily the cause of the operation failure. Contact a sales office near you or send the product for repairs.

Where can I purchase a flashlamp (xenon flash tube) for my strobe?

You can purchase a replacement flashlamp from one of our sales agents. Refer to the list of sales agents on our website.

sales agents

How long is the warranty period?

The warranty period is one year from the date of product delivery. If your product shows signs of defects during the warranty period, we will repair it free of charge. Note that a charge will apply in the following cases:

  1. The product demonstrates a defect or becomes damaged due to modifications, repairs, or adjustments undertaken without our approval.
  2. The defect/damage was caused by other equipment.
  3. The defect/damage was caused by a natural disaster, fire, or other external factor.
  4. The defect/damage resulted from improper use.
  5. Replacement of consumable parts

Note that the warranty is valid only in Japan.