Selecting a stroboscope model

What are some general guidelines for selecting a stroboscope model?

The stroboscope is generally used with an object moving at high speed for one of the following four purposes: (1) to measure rotation speed; (2) to observe the condition of an object; (3) to capture images with a camera or similar equipment; or (4) to provide a light source for automatic image inspections in factory settings. For all these applications, you must select the best-suited stroboscope after considering the dimensions of the target object, the operating environment, and other conditions.

Is there a stroboscope model suitable for measuring the rotation speed of a compact motor and for observing the condition of motor brushes?

A handheld stroboscope is ideal for such applications. The DS-4AA is the most affordable model (price: 88,000 yen). Sugawara also offers smaller XS series and battery-operated cordless models.

Is there a stroboscope suitable for use with a high-speed image inspection system?

Sugawara offers a catalog of stroboscopic light sources. Check the light intensity, flash duration, number of repeated flashes, and other characteristics to select the optimal model. Sugawara also lends products for evaluation purposes. (Contact our sales office.) We also design and manufacture custom stroboscopes and strobe lamps to customer specifications. If you need a special product, we will dispatch a technical staff member.