Service life of a stroboscope flashlamp

How long can I expect the flashlamp used in an image inspection system to last?

The light intensities of xenon flash tubes used in Sugawara's stroboscopes decrease gradually with use. The number of flashes that cause the light intensity to decrease to half of the initial value, called the light intensity half-value characteristic value, is used to express the service life of the xenon flash tube. The service life of the xenon flash tube is also affected by input energy.

* Light intensity half-value characteristic value: 800 million flashes for an X-80L xenon flash tube operating at an input of 0.5 J/F (30 Hz) and 200 million flashes for X-80LMK.

If we use a compact handheld strobe to check rotation speed, how often do we need to replace the flashlamp?

Almost all Sugawara handheld strobes use a long-life, integrated trigger-type xenon flash tube so you don't have to worry about replacing the tube for extended periods, except for use under extremely harsh conditions. The xenon flash tubes in these products do not need to be replaced for several years.