Spectral characteristics of a stroboscope

What kind of light does a strobe emit?

Many of the stroboscopes offered by Sugawara use a xenon flash tube. The light emitted by the xenon flash tube is very similar to daylight and is suitable for use with video cameras.

What should I look for when selecting a strobe for use with a sensor or camera?

A strobe set with a short flash duration (flashlamp input → small) provides strong light in the visible light range (380 nm to 800 nm). Increasing flashlamp input tends to increase the light in the visible light range much more significantly than light in the infrared light range (800 nm to 1 mm). This means even if you increase light intensity by a factor of two, it will improve the response in a camera with peak sensitivity in the infrared light range by a factor of 1.5, not 2.

Do any strobes emit invisible light?

The strobe light is a white light with spectral characteristics similar to daylight. If you need a strobe with a certain color or certain spectral characteristics, you can use an optical filter to pass only light of the required wavelengths. Sugawara also supplies infrared strobes.