Hysteresis Brake Units for Motor Testing

High-performance brake unit suitable for use in motor dynamometers, dedicated measuring jigs, etc.

The HB series hysteresis brake unit applies a uniform braking force according to the electric current supplied regardless of rotation speed. This compact, easy-to-use high-performance load applying device is used in our systems for the measurement of motor speed and torque characteristics.

Main features

  • New and improved inner and outer teeth ensure high-precision control.
  • Unit structured to minimize inertial moment.
  • Maximum speed: 30,000 rpm.(Supports wide speed range; low to high rpm.)
    (* Maximum speed varies depending on model and rating.)
  • Contact-less brake mechanism offers long service life.
  • Minimum effect from ambient temperature changes.
  • Smaller than brake units offered by other companies.
  • 13 models available, with rated torques ranging from 5 mNm to 50 mNm.
  • Products can be tailor-made according to customer need.


ModelRated torqueMaximum
Moment of inertiaRated currentCoil resistanceMaximum inputContinuous inputWeight
HB-100S10 mN·m30000 r/min0.73 × 10-6kg・m2330 mA11 Ω25 W5 W370 g
HB-200S20 mN·m30000 r/min0.9 × 10-6kg・m2330 mA11 Ω30 W6 W370 g
HB-500S50 mN·m30000 r/min2.4 × 10-6kg・m2330 mA16.5 Ω75 W15 W500 g
HB-1KS100 mN·m30000 r/min3.7 × 10-6kg・m2330 mA16.5 Ω120 W25 W660 g
HB-2KS200 mN·m20000 r/min16 × 10-6kg・m2330 mA23 Ω170 W35 W910 g
HB-5KS500 mN·m20000 r/min28 × 10-6kg・m2330 mA30 Ω300 W60 W2 kg
HB-10KS1 N·m20000 r/min1.85 × 10-4kg・m2330 mA35 Ω400 W80 W4.5 kg
HB-20KS2 N·m10000 r/min0.54 × 10-3kg・m2330 mA25 Ω600 W120 W7.5 kg
HB-50KS5 N·m10000 r/min1.8 × 10-3kg・m2330 mA38.5 Ω1500 W300 W14 kg


Dimensions (mm)

HB-100Sϕ 3.446ϕ 53ϕ 40ϕ 3223643ϕ 3586ϕ 3
HB-200Sϕ 3.446ϕ 53ϕ 40ϕ 3223643ϕ 3586ϕ 3
HB-500Sϕ 3.658ϕ 68ϕ 50ϕ 4375642ϕ 46112ϕ 4
HB-1KSϕ 3.658ϕ 68ϕ 50ϕ 6458640ϕ 46116ϕ 5
HB-2KSϕ 3.672ϕ 80ϕ 62ϕ 6425643ϕ 56116ϕ 5
HB-5KSϕ 3.688ϕ 96ϕ 76ϕ 841.55857ϕ 70133ϕ 6
HB-10KSϕ 4.5114ϕ 124ϕ 104ϕ 95451071ϕ 96161ϕ 8
HB-20KSϕ 6130ϕ 140ϕ 120ϕ 125951083ϕ 116183ϕ 10
HB-50KSϕ 7166ϕ 180ϕ 150ϕ 15617.31092ϕ 152191ϕ 12


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