Cogging Torque Tester for small motors ATM-100
Cogging Torque Tester for mid-size motors ATV-100
TORQuick CT Software

To reduce motor noise and vibration, cogging torque must be measured and reduced. Sugawara’s Cogging Torque and Torque Ripple Test Systems can measure cogging torque with high accuracy and no mechanical loss for a variety of motors (DC, DC brushless, AC servo, stepping, etc.). These systems can play a significant role in motor development and quality management.

Motor Testing Equipment(PDF: 4.6MB)
Cogging Torque and Torque Ripple Test Systems (PDF:1.1MB)

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  • Measures cogging torque with no mechanical loss
  • Enables measurement of both cogging torque and torque ripple on one piece of equipment
  • Supports a wide range of torque values at low cost through the switching of torque sensors

  • High accuracy
  • Measurement angle resolution: 0.01°
    Maximum number of data items collected per revolution: 36,000

  • Exceptionally high measurement reproduction
  • Short takt time
  • Measurements can be completed in as little as 3 s (drive speed of 20 r/min).
    A vertical structure simplifies axial alignment and shortens measurement time.

  • Convenient analysis functions
  • Determines number of peaks by FFT and supports frequency analysis
    Features a polar coordinates display function

  • Supports simultaneous measurement of various types of external sensors
  • Supports voltage and current measurements
    Measurement of resolver/hole sensor output contributes to improved controllability(using optional I/O module).

System Configuration

System Configuration

The ATM-100 and ATV-100 Cogging Torque Tester connect directly to a personal computer running Windows. Users can switch between five types of torque sensors from 1 mNm to 10 Nm on their own.
Connecting the I/O module to the personal computer enables input of externally measured data such as voltage, current, and temperature and provides for ON/OFF control of the test-motor power supply.

Three Types of Graph Displays

The dedicated software TORQuick CT can display the measurement data on an XY coordinates graph, polar coordinates graph, or FFT graph.

XY coordinates graph
Polar coordinates graph
FFT graph

Vertical Sensors for High-accuracy Measurements

Torque Sensor TSA Series

Vertical sensors use no axle bearings thereby eliminating mechanical loss that can lead to measurement error. A vertical arrangement also simplifies alignment of the sensor shaft and motor shaft.

Motor Fixing Jigs for Accurate Measurements

An XYZ stage for the ATM-100 and a standard motor fixing jig for the ATV-100 are provided.
Sugawara accepts requests for the manufacture of specialized jigs and couplings according to motor type, shape, and torque characteristics. Customers can also contact us about measurement of fan and pump motors with no protruding shaft.

Hanging-type motor coupling
Customized coupling set for cogging torque test

Additional Functions with I/O Module

I/O module

Connecting the I/O module to a personal computer via a USB connection enables input of up to 8 channels of external data and simultaneous display of angle-torque characteristics. Units and scaling/offset values can be set. Various types of data such as voltage, current, temperature, and motor rotation position from a position sensor can be simultaneously displayed to support motor-control development.

Joint display of cogging torque and input voltage signal
Analog input settings screen

Specifications of ATM-100, ATV-100

Cogging Torque Tester ATM-100 ATV-100
Rated torque TSA-1MN: 1 mNm
TSA-10MN: 10 mNm
TSA-100MN: 100 mNm
TSA-100MN: 100 mNm
TSA-1N: 1 Nm
TSA-10N: 10 Nm
Torque accuracy ±0.5% of rated torque
Rotation speed 0.1-20 r/min (at intervals of 0.1 r/min)
Angle resolution 0.01°
Number of acquired data items and Sampling interval Rotation speed [r/min]
Data items
Sampling interval
Power 90-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Connection with personal computer USB (RS422 can be selected as an option at ordering time)
Dimensions 300 mm (W)×350 mm (D)×540 mm (H)
300 mm (W)×350 mm (D)×758 mm (H) (∗1)
600 mm(W)×350 mm(D)×391 mm(H)
Weight 70 kg
80 kg (∗1)
75 kg

(∗1 HC-ATM-100 height option can be selected.)

Torque Calibration

Torque Calibration

The ATM/ATV series has a vertical shaft, so the Calibration Jig Set converts the vertical force of the weight into a horizontal force when calibration. Specialized calibration jigs, calibration bars, and weights are sold separately.

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