Stepper Motor Torque Tester SMT-2

Measurement of pull-in and pull-out torque

This model uses Prony (winding) braking, the braking method with the strongest demonstrated performance for stepping motor measurements. Used with a personal computer, it provides precise automatic measurements of pull-in and pull-out torque.

Motor Testing Equipment(PDF: 4.6MB)

Micro Stepper Motor Measurement

Micro Stepper Motor Measurement

Supersensitive Sensor Set SS-R2N is now available.
Enables accurate and stable measurement of the micro stepper motor torque of less than 0.1 mN·m. It succeeded in testing torque of less than 0.002 mN·m of extremely small stepper motors.
Suitable also for lead screw motors.

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Primary Advantages

  • Since it uses Prony braking, this model provides stable measurement unaffected by moments of inertia and no coupling loss.
  • For pull-in torque, startup can be measured consistently from the holding state.
  • This model offers a range of seven available measurement heads, from 0.2 N to 50 N, allowing use for high-precision measurements.
  • Motor characteristics are easily ascertained on automatically plotted performance graphs.
  • Allows control of measurement operations and display and storage of data from a standard personal computer running Windows.

Basic configuration

  • Micro Stepper Motor Tester SMT-2
  • Controller SMC-2
  • Sensor set SS-*N
  • Personal computer: Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 10

System and Method

System and Method

The Brake Thread is wound on the Pulley attached to the Test Motor shaft, and its both ends are attached to the hooks of the two Sensors.When the Moving Sensor moves to tighten the Brake Thread, the torque is loaded to the Test Motor via a Pulley.

Sample measurement data

Measurements of pull-in and pull-out torque for a low-torque stepping motor.
Measurements of pull-in and pull-out torque for a five-phase stepping motor.


Model SMT-2
Load method Prony braking
Force detection head rating eight types:
0.2/0.5/1/2/5/10/20/50 N
Torque measurement accuracy within ±1% of torque range
Range of operating pulse frequency settings 16 Hz – 50,000 Hz
Compatible personal computers OS: Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 10

Torque range

Sensor Sensor
Rating (N)
Pulley Diameter (mm)
1 5 10 20 40
SS-R2N 0.2 0.1 0.5 1 2 4
SS-R5N 0.5 0.25 1.25 2.5 5 10
SS-1N 1 0.5 2.5 5 10 20
SS-2N 2 1 5 10 20 40
SS-5N 5 2.5 12.5 25 50 100
SS-10N 10 5 25 50 100 200
SS-20N 20 10 50 100 200 400
SS-50N 50 25 125 250 500 1000

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