Nano Pulse Light Strobodriver NP-3A
Lamphouse NPL-180 / NPL-150 / NPL-75 / NPL-45
Gas sealing-type flash lamp
Lens option

The Nano Pulse Light is a stroboscopic light source that generates flashes of light of the world's shortest class flash duration, between 180 nanoseconds (one billionth of 180 seconds) and 45 nanoseconds. This Nano Pulse Light has been completely renovated after flourishing through many years of groundbreaking research and high-quality inspections since the launch of the first model in 1981.
Compared with our conventional models, this product features greatly increased illumination (1.5- to 3-fold) and a more compact Lamphouse. The flash lamps are easy-to-use, "gas sealing"-type models that allow for one-touch lamp replacement and eliminate the need for maintenance such as gas refills. The body of this slim Lamphouse is ⌀51 mm (flange part ⌀70 mm ) x 230 mm, which allows it to be easily integrated into a production line. The NP-3A is a one-size-fits-all power source unit, and four models of the Lamphouses (180 ns, 150 ns, 75 ns, and 45 ns models) can be selected.

In capturing high-speed images, the Nano Pulse Light's flash works as a "light shutter" with an incredibly short exposure time, which is not possible by the camera's shutter speed. For example, you can get the "shutter speed of 5 microseconds (=1/200,000th of a second)" when the stroboscope emits a flash of light of 5 microseconds duration while the camera shutter remains open in the dark.
The Nano Pulse Light's flash of nanosecond-level flash duration can be used as a "light shutter to capture and analyze the movements of microscopic objects and ultrafast phenomena. This is an essential device for various applications, and can be used both for academic research purposes such as studying ultrafast phenomena, and industrial purposes such as observing ink droplet flight in inkjet printers, verifying gasoline injection status, and inspecting microscopic industrial parts.

Nano Pulse Light catalog(PDF: 2.9MB)

Main features of the new Nano Pulse Light

  • Provides ultrashort duration flashing and an abundant amount of luminescence, from 68 mJ/F (at 180 ns) to 13.5 mJ/F (at 45 ns)
  • The Lamphouse is compact and slim (⌀51 mm x 230 mm)
  • The gas sealing-type flash lamps are maintenance free
  • A one-size-fits-all power source NP-3A, and four different types of connectable Lamphouses
Flash duration and brightness of the lamphouses<br /> (Brightness data are for reference only and are not guarantees.)


  • Light source for observing ink droplet flight in inkjet printers
  • Light source when using the schlieren method to study "flow visualization" in gases, liquids, shockwaves, etc.
  • Light source for observing the condition of diamond grains fixed on diamond saw wires for high precision slicing process
  • Light source for inspecting micro solder balls used in semiconductor packages
  • Light source for capturing various types of high speed phenomena in universities and research institutes

Main specifications of Nano Pulse Light Strobodriver NP-3A

Model NP-3A
Power source 100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz, 30VA
Triggering Internal Triggering (25 Hz fixed)
External Triggering (Current Signal/Contact Signal)
Dimensions & weight 270 (W)×170 (H)×190 (D)mm, 5 kg

Main specifications of Lamphouse NPL-180, NPL-150, NPL-75, NPL-45

Model NPL-180 NPL-150 NPL-75 NPL-45
Flash duration (FWHM) 180 nsec 150 nsec 75 nsec 45 nsec
Max flash frequency Continuous: 50 Hz
3 minutes: 100 Hz
Continuous:100 Hz Continuous:60 Hz
3 minutes:100 Hz
Continuous:100 Hz
Input power to flash lamp 68 mJ/F 30 mJ/F 36 mJ/F 13.5 mJ/F
Flash lamp model Xenon Lamp
Xenon Lamp
Argon Lamp
Argon Lamp
Flash delay time 1μsec (typical),
max 1.5μsec
1μsec (typical),
max 1.5μsec
1μsec (typical),
max 1.5μsec
1μsec (typical),
max 1.5μsec
Flash delay jitter (Typical) 150 nsec 100 nsec 200 nsec 200 nsec
Dimensions & weight ϕ 51 (Flange ϕ 70) ×230 (D) mm,
1.2 kg
ϕ 51 (Flange ϕ 70) ×230 (D) mm,
1.2 kg
ϕ 51 (Flange ϕ 70) ×230 (D) mm,
1.2 kg
ϕ 51 (Flange ϕ 70) ×230 (D) mm,
1.2 kg

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