Pocket Strobe P-1

Pocket Strobe P-1 is a handheld LED stroboscope. An ultra-lightweight strobe that can be carried in your pocket is an ideal tool for use on business trips and for simple inspections on-site. While fully exploiting the advantages of LED, sufficiently short flash duration and large light intensity have been achieved.
With a maximum flashing frequency of 360,000 FPM (flashes per minute), it illuminates a wide range uniformly and brightly. Since no sound is emitted during flashing, it is suitable for use in quiet surroundings.

Pocket Strobe P-1 catalog (PDF: 1.6MB)

Uniform, bright light distribution

Flash coverage of P-1

P-1 illuminates the area of 120×150mm uniformly and brightly from a distance of 300 mm.

LED strobes and xenon flash strobes

Flash duration of LED strobe P-1 and xenon flash strobe DS-4AA

Xenon lamp strobes feature instantaneous flash light of high intensity. For example, flash duration of our xenon strobe DS-4AA is as fast as 6 µsec (1/166,000 second) at the flash frequency of 6,000 FPM. A clear still image is obtained even when the object to be observed is moving/rotating at very high speed and/or is very small.
On the other hand, LED strobes emit a large amount of light by adjusting the flash duration. The LED strobe P-1 obtains the same amount of light as DS-4AA with a flash duration of 15 µsec (1/66,000 second), which is fast enough to acquire a clear still image in ordinary rotational speed measurement and observation.

Adjusting flash duration and brightness

Duty cycle

There are two ways to set the flash duration, "Duty cycle setting mode" and "Time setting mode".

Duty cycle setting mode:
Set the duty cycle in the unit of "%" that represents the ratio of the flash duration in the flash cycle (the time from one flash to the next flash). For example, when the flash cycle is 100 µsec and the flash duration is 1µsec, the duty cycle is 1%. Brightness can be adjusted in ten steps from 0.1% to 1% (but up to 500 µsec) in increments of 0.1%.
Since light intensity is constant at the set ratio, brightness of the strobe image is constant even when the flash frequency is increased or decreased. It is suitable for usual rotational speed measurement.

Time setting mode:
Set the flash duration in the unit of "µsec". Accurate Flash duration can be controlled by setting it from 0.1 µsec to 500 µsec (but up to 1% of the flash cycle) in increments of 0.1 µsec.
Since flash duration is constant at the set time, sharpness of the strobe image is constant even when the flash frequency is increased or decreased. It is suitable for observing high-speed moving/rotating objects, or for external trigger flashing.

Long life, high brightness white LEDs

The high brightness white LEDs achieve a brightness 6 times that of our conventional model (LS-1500). In addition, by using a rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery, continuous use for about 4 hours is possible at the maximum light intensity.

Optional Accessories

Optional silicon cover

A silicon cover is available for anti-slip and for protection from external shocks.


  • A super-wide flashing range of 30 - 360,000 FPM
  • Light-weight 200 g, palm-sized body enabling carrying in your pocket
  • High brightness white LEDs
  • Two ways for setting flash duration, by duty cycle (%) and by time (µsec)
  • No need for lamp replacement
  • Easy-to-read OEL display, even in bright places

Typical Applications

  • Measure the rotational speeds of various motors
  • Measure the rotational speed and motion inspection in a variety of rotating machinery, such as in manufacturing plants
  • Visual inspection of high-speed rotation and movement
  • Checking for color, color misalignment, blemishes, crop mark and registry guide misalignment, and other defects in printing
  • Measure the spindle rotational speed, yarn balloon inspection, loom timing adjustment, etc. in textile production
  • Educational use, etc.


Model P-1
Flash frequency range 30-360,000 FPM(flashes per minute)
Resolution:0.1 FPM
Flash duration setting Duty cycle:0.1 - 1% of a flash cycle (but up to 500 µsec)
Time:0.1 – 500 µsec (but up to 1% of the flash cycle)
Battery Two LR6 (AA) batteries
Battery Life (at 6,000 FPM and Duty Cycle 1.0%, Typical):
 4 hours with Rechargeable Ni-MH batteries
 2 hours with Alkaline batteries
Weight 200 g
L 135 × W 76 × H 27 (mm)
Optional Accessories Silicon Cover

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