This xenon flash light source is designed for Machine Vision and AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) applications. Xenon flash light sources combine extremely brief flash durations illumination (on the order of microseconds) with high light output, allowing high-resolution still image capture with CCD or CMOS cameras, even for microscopic or fast-moving test objects that would produce blurred images when illuminated with LED light sources. Xenon flash light sources are especially useful for macro photography.

  • Stroboscopes MS-G8010

    Optical-fiber type strobe light source: 80 W High-intensity model

    High-intensity flash incorporating long life tube, with minimal flicker even at high flash frequency. For automated optical inspections (AOI) requiring high speed and high intensity.
    Delivers high intensity 80 W light output and high speed flashing up to 200 Hz.

  • MS-G221 (Left: Direct illumination type, Right: Light guide type)

    Xenon flash light source: 22.5W

    Easy-to-use integrated (power unit and lamp all-in-one) strobe that comes with the fiber light guide type and the direct illumination type. The world's most compact and lightweight integrated 22.5W strobe. The direct illumination models can be used for movable applications.
    12 models (15, 22, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 112, 150, 225, 300, and 450 Hz models) are available according to the size of the test objects and the production line speeds. Standard features include light intensity adjustment (25-100%) function and miss flash detection function.

  • Stroboscope Z-4841

    Stabilized power supply strobe

    Low-cost stroboscope with dual 5-W lamps capable of illumination at different rates

  • ESS-5315 Series

    Strobe for license plate recognition: Near infrared illumination stroboscope

    Allows video recording of vehicle numbers undetected by the human eye.

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