Master arbor successfully prototyped

A master arbor with amplitude of 120 nm and 5 peaks has been successfully prototyped

A master arbor is a tool for calibrating wave meters and roundness measuring instruments. The cylindrical section on one end of the tool has a reference shape with a preset amplitude and peak number. While there are a variety of techniques for manufacturing this tool, it has been difficult to stably manufacture amplitudes under 1 µm. Applying original research, Sugawara has successfully developed and prototyped a machining method that can manufacture amplitudes under 0.1 µm (100 nm). Five peaks with amplitude of 120 nm have been machined on the surface of the “peak-shaped section” in the photo.
We are currently working on a prototype of a master arbor with 25 peaks and amplitudes in the range of 100 nm – 800 nm.

Shape evaluation

Sugawara SWA-100 roundness measurement value: 117.27 nm (LSC 50 peaks)

Talyrond roundness measurement value: 126 nm (LSC 50 peaks)