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The Photo Screen SPU-3DA detects the passage of a high-speed flying object, e.g., bullet, as it passes a certain point on the planar optic screen. A pulse signal is output as a result. Using two or more Photo Screens, high-speed photography can be timed, and the transit time of a flying object can be measured.


  • The system uses a planar sensor (500 mm x 300 mm) and thus is capable of detecting a bullet or any other object that does not follow a straight trajectory.
  • The system is portable, thus is suited to fieldwork on-site. It comes with a carry case (985 mm x 488 mm x 405 mm).
  • The detection sensitivity level is adjustable to suit the speed and size of the test object, as well as allow for gun smoke.
  • The system is easy to use, simple in structure, and highly reliable.
  • A self-check can be performed to determine sensor functionality prior to use.
  • The system is immune to noise due to use of a photo coupler.
  • Choice of strobe: the MS-230DA (short-flash type) is used for high speed objects, and the PS-240D is used for brighter lighting.
  • The timing of the strobe may be controlled for photography using the pulse generator FG-310.

System configuration example for photography of a live-fired bullet and speed measurement


Model SPU-3DA
Detection function and
Range: 500 mm H × 300 mm W
Speed: 50 m/sec to 2000 m/sec
Object: Opaque object larger than 5 mm diameter sphere
Variable detection sensitivity: 0.2 V to 2.0 V, 0.2-V step, 10 steps
Output signal 1-Vp or 5-Vp positive pulse wave
Pulse width 500 µsec to 1000 µsec
Output impedance Approx. 200 Ω
Detection check LED lights if all 50 phototransistors are functioning normally
Manual signal output Pushbutton switch (MANUAL)
Power source 100 VAC ± 10 V, 50/60 Hz, 100 VA or less
Dimensions and weight 700 mm W × 800 mm H × 120 mm D, 8.5 kg

Basic configuration

Photo Screen
2 units (photo transmitter/photo receiver)
Power cable 2 (cable length: 10 m)
Signal cable 2 (cable length: 20 m)
Cable connecting photo transmitter and receiver 2 (cable length: 0.85 m)
Carrier case Aluminum trunk (985 mm × 488 mm × 405 mm)


High brightness type Stroboscope: PS-240D
Lamp house: e.g., SLB-601 (flash duration: 40 µsec or less)
For high-speed flying object Stroboscope: MS-230DA
Lamp house: e.g., SLA-151A (flash duration: 6 µsec or less)

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