Speed-Torque measurement of Brushless DC motors used for VVL (Variable Valve Lift) Technology, under temperature and humidity control in an environmental chamber
(Hyundai KEFICO Corporation (Korea))

Motor Torque Meter System MCT-603
Dynamometer and Temperature & Humidity Chamber

Hyundai KEFICO Corporation is a leading manufacturer of automotive electronic components in Hyundai Group. Its main filed is electronic control units and fuel injection devices.
There is consumers’ increasing interest in automobiles of high efficiency and low fuel consumption. One of the methods that make it possible is the VVL (Variable Valve Lift) Technology, which enables high power output in both low speed and high speed range, while saving fuel consumption and reducing harmful exhaust emission.
Sugawara’s Motor Torque Meter System MCT-603 specially designed for testing motor performance in environmental chambers is used for developing Brushless DC motors used in the Hyundai CVVL (Continuous Variable Valve Lift) System. The motor under test is mounted on the special motor fixture, inserted into the temperature & humidity chamber through the hole on the side wall, and measured its Speed-Torque performance under control of temperature from –40 to 150 degree Celsius and humidity from 30 to 95%.
Using three sets of customized dynamometers of different torque ranges, the customer is evaluating how the motor performance such as the relation of speed, torque, input power, and efficiency varies in the extreme condition inside the engine.
Three sets of dynamometers have exactly the same dimensions so that one set of the motor fixture can be used in common for all the dynamometers to be set to the chamber.

Motor Torque Meter System MCT-603

As shown in the picture, the dynamometers in this system can also be used as standard dynamometers by easily replacing the special motor fixture with our MMJ series standard motor fixture.

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