Motor Testing in Temperature and Humidity Environment

Dynamometer for Environmental Testers

The base of the TB-NTC series Dynamometers for Environmental Testers is so designed that it is connected to the side of the base of the Environmental Tester (temperature & humidity chamber). The Brake Unit of the Dynamometer slides forward, inserting the sample motor with the dedicated MMJ-TC01 Motor Mounting Jig for the Temperature Chamber into a chamber.
This Dynamometer measures the rotation speed and torque of the motors under test at certain temperatures and humidity levels (e.g., from -40°C to 150°C) displaying the measurement results on a Windows PC. When combined with the Precision Power Analyzer, this model accurately and easily measures the input and output power of a motor with a high-frequency PWM controlled inverter.

Features of the Measuring Units

  • A total of seven different models are available (maximum torque 50 mN·m to 5 N·m).
  • All the seven models have the same dimensions, so that one set of the MMJ-TC01 Motor Mounting Jig can be used with the seven models in common.
  • The adjuster provided allows use with our MMJ series standard Motor Mounting Jig sets when you test the motor outside the temperature chamber.
  • Hysteresis brake control and torque detection using tension-bar type strain gauge load cell ensures stable measurements across a wide range of rotation speeds.
  • The MMJ-TC01 Motor Mounting Jig attaches directly to the reference plate of the Dynamometer for precise axial alignment with the sample motor shaft and for accurate measurements.
  • The standard chamber mounting base (provided) allows easy setup with the Espec Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber model SH/SU-642.

Basic configuration

  • DMC-3 Controller
  • TB-NTC series (seven models) Dynamometers for Environmental Testers
  • MMJ-TC01 Motor Mounting Jig for the Temperature Chamber
  • Espec Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber model SH/SU-642
  • TCMT-EP01 Chamber Mounting Base
  • PC (Windows 7 Professional (32bit))
  • Yokogawa WT1800 Precision Power Analyzer


Model Max. torque RPM range (r/min) 5-minute power rating (W) Continuous power rating (W) Motor Mounting Jig for the Temperature Chamber Standard motor jig set
TB-50MNTC 50 mN・m 100~30000 75 15 MMJ-TC01 MMJ-7C
TB-100MNTC 100 mN・m 100~30000 120 25 MMJ-TC01 MMJ-7C
TB-200MNTC 200 mN・m 100~20000 170 35 MMJ-TC01 MMJ-7C
TB-500MNTC 500 mN・m 100~20000 300 60 MMJ-TC01 MMJ-9C
TB-1NTC 1 N・m 100~20000 400 80 MMJ-TC01 MMJ-9C
TB-2NTC 2 N・m 100~10000 600 120 MMJ-TC01 MMJ-10C
TB-5NTC 5 N・m 100~10000 1500 300 MMJ-TC01 MMJ-10C

Temperature & Humidity Chamber main specifications (Model SH/SU-642 (Espec))

Inside dimensions 400×400×400 mm
Temperature -40℃~+150℃
Humidity 30%RH~95%RH

θ-T Characteristics Measurement for Environmental Testers

This device enables measurement of torque ripple and cogging torque of a motor under controlled temperatures (e.g., -30 ℃ to +150 ℃) in An Environmental Tester Box. The device measures torque relative to the drive angle for a single revolution, displaying the data on a Windows PC. Combined with a current sensor, it can measure changes in current that occur within a single revolution.


The unique torque sensing structure does not use bearings, thereby eliminating bearing loss. The equipment ensures high-precision torque measurement unaffected by ambient temperatures.

The Torque Meter Measuring Unit and Motor Mounting jig are secured on the measuring platform, allowing centering and accurate alignment of the sample motor and easy detection using the dedicated attachment.

The Motor Mounting jig, measuring platform, and other components are thermally insulated to maintain proper testing temperatures for the sample motor.

Basic configuration (illustration depicts an example of a system)

  • PC-MCT5-08 Motor Analyzer
  • Windows Personal Computer
  • ATH2-100N01 Torque Meter Measurement Unit
  • Motor Mounting jig (custom specifications)
  • Environmental Tester Box (custom specifications)


Torque measurement range 10 mNm/FS to 100 Nm/FS
Drive rotation speed 1 to 20 r/min
Angle measurement resolution Approx. 0.35 degrees (360/1024)
Environmental Tester Box Compatible with constant-temperature chambers or Environmental Tester boxes available (by custom specification) from various manufacturers.

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