Observation of speaker cone vibrations

Direct observation of speaker cone vibrations

To produce high-quality sounds, the speaker cone of an audio loudspeaker must vibrate in a manner faithful to the audio signals supplied. With a Stroboscope, we can examine high-speed vibrations of the speaker cone when driven by an audio signal and observe them directly in slow motion with the naked eye.*

*By repeatedly flashing high-intensity light pulses, the Stroboscope creates a residual image effect, appearing to stop the motion of a target object that is rotating or vibrating at high-speed. Setting a Stroboscope flashing frequency slightly out of phase with the rate of the target's rotation/vibration permits observation of the object's movements in slow-motion.

System and Method

The Signal Generator feeds a pseudo audio signal to the audio amp to vibrate the speaker cone. At the same time, the Signal Generator sends a signal to the Sugawara FG-310-U2 Pulse Generator. The FG-310-U2 converts this signal to a slow-motion signal and causes the Stroboscope to flash. The FG-310-U2 permits examination of speaker cone vibrations in steady slow motion with the naked eye, even in cases in which the drive frequency continuously varies from slow to fast.