Anderon Meter Automation Unit

Single-Spindle Type 

The ADF-001 Parts Feeder can be combined with the Anderon meter drive unit to configure an automated system capable of high-precision measurements.


  • Performs measurements with the same high precision as manual systems.
  • The product can be mounted on the existing ADM-101 standard manual system to configure a low-cost automated system.
  • Measures the front and rear of bearings automatically at a cycle time of approximately 6 seconds, enabling approximately 15,000 units to be processed per day.
  • Compact, space-saving design


ADF-001 Parts Feeder main specifications

Model ADF-001 Parts Feeder
Temperature 0℃ to 40℃
Humidity Not exceeding 90% RH (no condensation)
Power supply Single-phase AC power supply

ADM-101 Drive Unit main specifications

Model ADM-101 Drive Unit
Bearing size Maximum external ring diameter: 22 mm
Spindle speed 1,800 r/min ±2%, at 20°C with no load

ADP-20NA1 Pusher main specifications

Model ADP-20NA1 Pusher
Pusher force Max. 20 N
Power supply 12 V DC
Air supply pressure 0.4 Mpa

ADS-12 Contact Velocity Sensor main specifications

Model ADS-12 Contact Velocity Sensor
Sensitivity 3±0.2 mV/usp at 30 Ω load
Frequency characteristics ±1 dB 50 to 10,000 Hz

ADA-15 Indication Unit main specifications

Model ADA-15 Indication Unit
Measuring bands L Band: 50 to 300 Hz
M Band: 300 to 1,800 Hz
H Band: 1,800 to 10,000 Hz
Range of measurement 1/10/100 Anderon

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