• Anderon Meter System

    Bearing Vibration Tester - Anderon Meter

    An Anderon meter is a device for measuring bearing vibration characteristics.
    With the demand for energy conservation in all fields, the reduction of vibration and noise in rotary equipment, including motors, is becoming increasingly important. The most important determining factors in the vibration level of rotary equipment are the vibration characteristics of the bearings incorporated in the equipment.

  • Anderon Analyzer ADA-105

    Anderon Analyzer

    The Anderon Analyzer ADA-105 is equipment for analyzing detected bearing vibration. It can display measurement results in both Anderon values and spectra for each vibration frequency band, which simplifies and speeds up analysis of bearing defects.

  • Drive Unit ADM-104

    Drive Unit

    Covers a wide range of bearings, from miniature bearings with a 1 mm inner diameter to medium-sized bearings with a 100 mm outer diameter. Pusher ADP-20NX (pusher force up to 20 N) or ADP-200NX (pusher force up to 200 N) can be attached.
    The dedicated fluid dynamic (oil) spindle is fully suspended in oil when rotating, because of hydrodynamic effects, so that there is no sliding movement whatsoever in either the axial or radial directions. Strict vibration control is implemented through the liberal use of a specially designed gel material on the legs, motor unit, couplings, etc.

  • Pusher ADP Series


    Through its proprietary pusher shaft structure, it exerts a stable axial load to the outer bearing ring without plane tilt. If you push the outer ring with a plane that is not parallel to the inner ring, vibrations of two waves per rotation are generated, increasing the L band values. This problem is solved in the ADP series pusher through its special pusher shaft-holding structure. The pusher shaft position is automatically adjusted to the most stable position for the outer ring, allowing exceedingly stable pusher force to be applied. This greatly improves L band reproducibility.

  • Single-spindle Automatic Anderon Meter

    Anderon Meter Automation Unit

    The ADF-001 Parts Feeder can be combined with the Anderon meter drive unit to configure an automated system capable of high-precision measurements.

  • Automatic Anderon meter Twin-spindle type

    Anderon Meter Automation Unit

    The Sugawara Automatic Anderon Meter (andero meter) is a high-speed automatic measuring machine that offers the same performance and precision as our acclaimed high-performance manual Anderon meter. By measuring the front and back sides of a bearing, this device ensures reliable quality inspection and also allows for a short tact time - just 1.5 seconds from intake to discharge of a workpiece.

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