Impact Torque Testers

The product is capable of measuring impulse torque, traditionally a challenging task.

The system performs measurements by pressing the socket of an impact wrench or other tool directly to the nut-shaped attachment fitted to the sensor. Measurement results, including the torque waveform and maximum torque, can be read from a digital oscilloscope. The torque is detected by a torque converter developed by Sugawara. In addition to measuring impact torque, the Impact Torque Measuring System can be used to calibrate the static torque of various tools including torque wrenches.

Sample measurement data

Main specifications

Impact Torque Measuring System
Rated torque 200 N・m
Torque detection accuracy ±1% of rated torque
Torque detection method Strain gauge bridge
Dimensions (W x D x H) 230 × 135 × 65 mm
Mass  Max. 5 kg

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