Torque and Force Testing of Motors and Actuators

Loading Test Machine for Linear Actuator

  • Torque Meter PC-MMA1

    This model measures speed and torque characteristics and power output up to 30,000 r/min in compact DC motors with start up torques of 1 mN·m or less, uploading these measurements to a personal computer running Windows. Adding a voltage/current measurement component allows the model to measure voltage and current.

  • Three-Axis Torque Testers of Voice Coil Motors

    The PC-MCT-15 motor analyzer is a system for measuring the triaxial torque (Angle-Torque characteristics) of voice coil motors (VCM) used in various devices, including hard disk drives. The motor analyzer measures the torque vs. rotation angle by rotating the motor magnet (coil) at speeds ranging from 0.6 degrees/sec and 2.0 degrees/sec. Measurement results can be viewed on a computer screen and saved as CSV files.

  • Linear Loading Tester

    Making measurements with minimized moment of inertia possible
    Sugawara's linear Loading Tester uses a strain-gage load cell to detect torque in linear actuators. Controlling the movement of the detector on the direct actuator allows for a more stable and accurate measurement unaffected by the moment of inertia, compared with methods of using usual weights. Our instrument provides a precise measurement of both the propulsive and cogging characteristics of the work piece during operation. This measurement model allows for measurement of both the backward and forward directions (pulling and pushing force). For the detection of distance and speed in a moving work piece, a linear scale has been adopted.

  • Impact Torque Measuring System

    The product is capable of measuring impulse torque, traditionally a challenging task.

    The system performs measurements by pressing the socket of an impact wrench or other tool directly to the nut-shaped attachment fitted to the sensor. Measurement results, including the torque waveform and maximum torque, can be read from a digital oscilloscope. The torque is detected by a torque converter developed by Sugawara. In addition to measuring impact torque, the Impact Torque Measuring System can be used to calibrate the static torque of various tools including torque wrenches.