Linear Load Testers

Making measurements with minimized moment of inertia possible

Sugawara's linear Loading Tester uses a strain-gage load cell to detect torque in linear actuators. Controlling the movement of the detector on the direct actuator allows for a more stable and accurate measurement unaffected by the moment of inertia, compared with methods of using usual weights. Our instrument provides a precise measurement of both the propulsive and cogging characteristics of the work piece during operation. This measurement model allows for measurement of both the backward and forward directions (pulling and pushing force). For the detection of distance and speed in a moving work piece, a linear scale has been adopted.


  • Measures speed characteristics in the work piece loaded.
  • Measures propulsive characteristics in the work piece in it's excited state.
  • Measures cogging torque characteristics in the work piece not in it's non-excited state.


Model Linear Loading Tester
Torque detection Strain-gage load cell
Torque rating 200 N/FS
Pulling and pushing force
Torque measurement precision Within ±0.5% of torque rating
Torque measurement range From 10% to 100% of torque rating
Moving distance 100 mm maximum
Moving distance measurement precision ±10µm
Moving distance measurement resolution 1µm

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