Ultra High Speed Motor Torque Testers

  • Motor Analyzer EMA-100, Load Tester EMM-100M, <br />Motor Holding Unit PC3-MLH2

    Recent years have witnessed decrease in size and increase in speed of motors. By increasing motor speeds, higher output can be achieved without increasing size, and smaller motors can be produced without compromising on output. Miniaturization and speed increase of motors are expected to evolve further in a variety of fields, including in terms of energy saving.

  • Coupling MHU Series

    Supports rotational speeds up to 150,000 r/min

    This ultra-high-speed coupling supports a maximum torque of 150 mN・m and a maximum rotational speed of 150,000 r/min. Being extremely light and highly stiff, it can be used as a general-purpose coupling in addition to high-speed applications. All of its components are coaxially arranged preventing the generation of unwanted vibration and enabling safe measurements even under ultra-high-speed rotation. Specialized centering tool for each shaft diameter is provided.