Load Tester With Hysteresis Brake, Max. speed 120,000 RPM, Max. Torque 100 mN・m

Motor Analyzer EMA-100, Load Tester EMM-100M, <br />Motor Holding Unit PC3-MLH2

Recent years have witnessed decrease in size and increase in speed of motors. By increasing motor speeds, higher output can be achieved without increasing size, and smaller motors can be produced without compromising on output. Miniaturization and speed increase of motors are expected to evolve further in a variety of fields, including in terms of energy saving.
Motor Analyzer EMA-100 and Load Tester EMM-100M are instruments to measure torque and speed performance of ultra high speed motors. Through its newly developed small-diameter, low-inertia hysteresis brake unit (patent pending), it realizes max. speed of 120,000 RPM and max. torque of 100 mN・m with the hysteresis brake dynamometer system which is known for its convenient torque control.

Motor Testing Equipment(PDF: 4.6MB)

Ultra High Speed Motor Torque Tester

Main Features

  • Max. speed 120 000 RPM, max. torque 100 mNm.
  • Stable load control from motor standstill to ultra high speed using newly developed hysteresis brakes.
  • Low brake rotor inertia (1.5×10-6 kg・m2) for high RPM.
  • Similar to our DMC series, it does not require complex PID control parameter configuration.
  • Safe and simple measurement using a highly accurate motor holding unit and novel coupling.
  • Connected to power meter WT1800E, it displays 22 measurement parameters including torque, RPM, voltage, current, efficiency, and power factor in real time.
  • A variety of torque control settings, including point measurement mode, time sweep measurement mode, and load simulation.
  • Similar to regular hysteresis brakes, it allows for calibration using calibration bars and weights.

Safe and Simple Mechanical Setting

Motor holding unit PC3-MLH2 and sample motor

The highly accurate motor holding unit and novel coupling (patent pending) allow for alignment and shaft coupling that can withstand high RPM, enabling simple and safe measuring.
In the dedicated motor holding unit, motor XYZ positioning is micron-adjustable while keeping it parallel to the load tester shaft. The motor shaft is aligned to the load tester shaft using an alignment jig (comes with the coupling), and they are connected using a conveniently operated dedicated coupling.

Measurement Settings Through Intuitive Touch Panel

120 W rated speed motor, 90,000 RPM Speed-Torque measurement
Load simulation

Measurement conditions are set using the buttons on the touch panel or on the dedicated Windows software. Because of our long-established brake control system, no complex PIDC control parameter configuration is required.

Auto Mode and Manual Mode are available for measurement.
Auto Mode
< Configuration with control points>
Torque control / speed control / TS control (*1
: measurement points are set between the Start value and End value (torque or speed).

Torque control / speed control / brake control
: measurement period of time is set until the target value (torque / speed / braking (%)) has been achieved.

In Manual mode, control values are directly entered using CONTROL commands.

After completing the configuration, rotate the motor. Click the START button, then Load control is performed in line with the configured sequences, and the measured data are displayed.
Twenty two parameters are measured, including time (t), speed (S), power (P*), voltage (E*), current (I*), efficiency (n*), and power factor (f*). The screen displays a maximum of 12 parameters simultaneously, in real time.
Measurements and graphs are saved using dedicated Windows software. The machine can also be operated using the software.

*1) TS control: a method where torque control is performed during synchronous rotation of the motor, and speed control is performed after motor step-out.

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Main Specifications

Maximum speed 120,000 r/min
Rotational speed accuracy ±0.01 % + 1 digit
Rated torque 100 mN・m
Torque accuracy Rated torque ± 0.5 %
Braking system Hysteresis brake
Power absorption Continuous: 80 W
Within 10 s: 600 W
Within 5 s: 1000 W
External diameter of mountable motor Diameter 10–60 mm
Motor shaft diameter 3~5 mm
Measurement parameters t [sec]: time
T [mN・m, N・m]: torque
S [r/min, kr/min]: speed
Po/Pi/Pe [mW, W, kW]: output power / input power / supply power
E0/E1/E2/E3/E4/E5 [mV, V, kV]: voltage for the measurement modules
I0/I1/I2/I3/I4/I5 [mA, A, kA]: current for the measurement modules
no/ne [%]: motor output efficiency / driver output efficiency
fi/fe [%]: motor input power factor / driver input power factor
Power supply AC100-240 V±10 V,50/60 Hz
Dimensions (W × H × D), Weight EMM-100M:230×250×400 mm, 16.5 kg
EMA-100:315×218×400 mm, 14 kg

Power Absorption Characteristics

Power Absorption Characteristics

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