Multifunction Torque Testers


This single system covers all aspects of motor torque measurement, such as speed-torque, cogging torque, and torque ripple. Combined with a power meter, it can be used to measure induced voltage. May be used in combination with environmental testing equipment.

Primary Advantages

  • This model uses a simple structure with brake and various sensors configured on the main shaft for superior adherence at high speeds (up to 20,000 r/min).
  • Uses time-tested hysteresis braking for load control and a weight-gauge torque detector designed by Sugawara Laboratories for torque detection.
  • Allows easy core matching, with high precision using special motor-fixing hardware.
  • Offers superior motor fixing, thermal insulation, and bearing structure for use with environmental testing equipment.

Basic configuration

  • Torque measurement component: MTS-2N01
  • Control component: PC-MTS-01
  • Personal computer: Microsoft Window XP/7
  • Digital power meter: WT1800 (from Yokogawa Electric Corp.)
  • Environmental testing equipment: subject to separate consultation

Sample measurement data

Measurement of load torque characteristics

Load torque control range 0.06 N·m – 2 N·m
Load torque detection accuracy ±0.5% of range (full scale)
Allowable RPM up to 20,000 r/min
RPM measurement accuracy ±0.2% of range (full scale)
Maximum allowable power input 600 W for five minutes

Torque ripple (restraint)/cogging torque measurement

Torque detection range When measuring torque ripple: -2 N·m – 2 N·m
When measuring cogging torque: -50 mN·m – 50 mN·m
Torque detection accuracy When measuring torque ripple: ±0.5% of range (full scale)
When measuring cogging torque: ±1.5% of range (full scale)
Operating RPM 1 – 20 r/min
Operating direction of rotation CW/CCW
Operating angular measurement resolution approximately 0.088°(2 r/min or less)
approximately 0.35°(3 r/min or more)

Induced voltage measurement

Work operating RPM 500 – 2,000 r/min
Work torque 200 mN·m or less
Voltage measurement particulars subject to separate consultation
Compatible personal computers OS: Microsoft Window XP/7

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