An accurate grasp of load characteristics, cogging torque characteristics, and torque ripple characteristics is critical for electric motor performance evaluations. Sugawara Laboratories provides a family of motor torque meter systems designed to measure and evaluate these characteristics.
Measurements of load characteristics differ significantly from measurements of cogging torque/torque ripple characteristics. This is why a single type of torque sensor sometimes fails to provide precise measurements of these differing characteristics. We draw on optimal measurement principles and develop measurement elements, including brakes, sensors, control methods, and jigs, ideally suited to the target measurements in question. We believe what customers most want is to acquire data as close as possible to the true value, by actual measurement, in a reproducible way, and without any compensation.

  • DM5001 and HB System

    Motor Torque Meter System

    Torque dynamometer with a reliable hysteresis brake
    Better performance, better usability, and upgraded functionality

  • HB series dynamometers

    HB Series Dynamometers

    HB series are the successors to the TA/TB series hysteresis brake dynamometers, which have demonstrated many years of reliable operation.

  • General Motor Testing Equipment

    Multifunction Torque Testers

    This single system covers all aspects of motor torque measurement, such as speed-torque, cogging torque, and torque ripple. Combined with a power meter, it can be used to measure induced voltage. May be used in combination with environmental testing equipment.

  • Example of the Dynamometer system for the Environmental Tester

    Motor Testing in Temperature and Humidity Environment

    The base of the HB-NT series Dynamometers for Environmental Testers is so designed that it is connected to the side of the base of the Environmental Tester (temperature & humidity chamber). The Brake Unit of the Dynamometer slides forward, inserting the sample motor with the dedicated MMJ-TC01 Motor Mounting Jig for the Temperature Chamber into a chamber.

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