Stroboscope ESD-VF2M-U2
The world's highest-speed video camera,the HPV-1, manufactured by Shimadzu Corporation

The ESD-VF2M-U2 stroboscope employs a unique lighting system to enable ultrahigh-speed time-elapsed video recording by providing flash for a relatively long duration (50 µsec to 2 msec), instead of flashing for each frame. The lighting system consists of the ESD-VF2M-U2 Strobe Driver and the SLA-153-U1 Lamphouse. For video recording of a recurring phenomenon, the FG-310 pulse generator can be added so that the record timing can be set easily while observing the phenomenon directly with the eye.


  • Suitable for ultrahigh-speed video cameras capable of shooting 50,000 frames to 1,000,000 frames per second.
  • For an increased illumination effect, either one-lamp flash (13.2-W input) or four-lamp flash (2.2 W each) can be selected.
  • The flash time can be varied within a range of 50 µsec to 2 msec so that unnecessary illumination can be reduced.
  • For video recording of a high-speed recurring phenomenon, the product can also be used as a stroboscope by dividing the synchronizing signal (FG-310 pulse generator required).
  • Since the product is a strobe flash, it is capable of providing high momentary light intensity. It is also compact and easy to use. The unit generates minimal heat, allowing for safe use. (As the product generates high voltage, do not touch the inside of the unit. Internal high voltage can cause serious accidents and injuries.)
  • Voltage signal or current loop can be used as a flash starting signal.

Function Generator FG-310

ESD-VF2M-U2 Stroboscope Specifications

Model ESD-VF2M-U2
Flashing range 0.22 Hz (4.5 sec cycle)
Flash duration (variable) 50 µsec-2 msec
External triggering signal Voltage signal: 3-15 Vp
Current loop: 10-20 mA
Delay time of flashing Approx. 10 µsec
Output energy to flashlamp One-lamp flash: 13.3 W max.
Four-lamp flash: 2.2 W max. each
Lamplhouse selectable SLA-153-U1 and other
Power supply 100 VAC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 430(W)×200(H)×400(D) mm
Mass 23 kg

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