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The MIGHTY STROBE X-1 provides all essential features of a stroboscope in a lightweight body weighing only 900 g (battery included) that can be operated with one hand. The high brightness, high intensity 15 W output makes this single unit ideal for revolution counting of motors and other rotating equipment, inspecting rapidly rotating or moving bodies, and for photographic applications.

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Flawless Illumination
High brightness, high intensity, with a maximum output of 15 W

Flash coverage of X-1

This small, lightweight body is capable of producing very large intensity. The matt-finish reflector delivers uniform light that illuminates an area 60 cm in diameter at a distance of 1 m. Further, it can be used effectively for visual inspections of steel rolling mills, or for production inspection of wide printing presses, etc.
The intensity can be switched between high, medium, and low according to the requirement, ensuring that the light is not too bright.

Short pulse illumination for sharp, still images

Flash duration and light intensity of X-1 and LED strobe<br /> (Tested at flash frequency 3000 FPM and at a 300 mm distance.)

A stroboscope's flash duration corresponds to a camera's shutter speed. When compared to LED strobes, the MIGHTY STROBE X-1 has an exceptionally fast shutter speed of 2.4 µs, producing stationary images of extraordinary clarity.

All functions required in a stroboscope are equipped.

In addition to the wide-ranging flash frequency of 30 - 36,000 FPM for the internal oscillation emitter, and 0 - 36,000 FPM for the external signal trigger emitter, the unit is also equipped with an output jack for an external flash signal. Moreover, the unit can be connected to a proximity sensor or photoelectric sensor for tachometer use (30 - 120000 RPM). The flash phase and time delay angle functions are ideal for research applications, and the battery-operated design allows the unit to be used anywhere.

Sensors for external inputs

Compatible Sensors

Proximity sensors: Omron Corporation E2E-X□D1 (2-wire, DC, normally open (NO) output types)
Photoelectric sensors: Omron Corporation E3Z-□6□ (3-wire, DC, NPN output types)

Long-lasting operation provided by the internal lithium-ion battery

With an easy 2 h charge using the AC adapter included, the unit can be used for up to 4 h on its L (low) intensity setting, and up to 1.5 h continuously even on its H (high) intensity setting. There is also no need to interrupt your work, as the unit can be used while it is being charged.


  • High brightness, high intensity with a maximum output of 15 W
  • Single-handed operation Lightweight of only 900 g
  • Three levels of brightness: H (15 W) / M (10 W) / L (5 W)
  • The internal lithium-ion battery allows the unit to be used for up to 4 h on the low intensity setting, or up to 1.5 h on the high intensity setting
  • Can be used even while being charged
  • A wide flashing range of 30 - 36,000 FPM (or 0 - 36,000 FPM during external signal emission)
  • Short pulse emissions for sharp stationary images (flash duration of 2.4 µs)
  • Easy-to-read OEL display, even in bright places
  • Equipped with an internal oscillator emission, external trigger emission, phase delay emission, time delay emission, and tachometer functions (30 - 120,000 RPM)

Typical Applications

  • Measure the rotational speeds of various motors
  • Measure the rotational speed and motion inspection in a variety of rotating machinery, such as in manufacturing plants
  • Visual inspection of high-speed rotation and high-speed movement
  • Checking for color, color misalignment, blemishes, crop mark and registry guide misalignment, and other defects in printed materials
  • Measure the spindle rotational speed, yarn balloon inspection, loom timing adjustment, etc. in textile production
  • Inspection of sheet metal surfaces in iron and steel rolling presses
  • Photography and analysis of high-speed phenomena in research fields
  • Educational use, etc.


Model X-1
Flash range Internal trigger: 30 - 36000 FPM (flashes per minute)
External trigger: 0 - 36000 FPM
Tachometer measurement range 30-120,000 RPM
Output power Switchable between 5 W / 10 W / 15 W
Flash duration 2.4 µs typical (full width at half maximum)
Maximum output energy 0.3 J/F
Operation modes Internal trigger mode / External trigger mode / Tachometer mode
Delay functions
(when choosing external trigger mode)
Angle delay function: 0 - 359°, resolution: 1°
Time delay function: 0 - 2,000 ms, resolution: 1 ms
External trigger input signals Voltage signal, TTL signal, open collector, relay, contact signal
  Voltage Signal: Low Level 0 - 3.6 V, High Level 5 - 26.4 V, Pulse width 10μsec min.
  TTL Signal: Low Level 0 - 1 V, High Level 2 - 5 V, Pulse width 10μsec min.
External trigger output signals Photo coupler output: 8 mA / DC 30 V
Flash lamp High-brightness Xenon Flash Lamp FX-6SP
Battery Lithium-ion battery (internal)
  Battery life: 4 h at 5 W, 1.5 h at 15 W, typical
  Recharge time: 2 h typical
AC adapter AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Weight 900 g
Dimensions (L×W×H) 182 x 122 x 294 mm
Standard accessories AC Adaptor, Hand strap, Operation manual
Optional Accessories Input signal cable: 8CK-602-182
Output signal cable: 8CK-402-182
Proximity / Photoelectric sensors for external input

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