SS-800D set

SS-800D set is a high power compact strobe with a pair of 800 W Lamphouses (total 1600 W), which is most suitable for metal surface defect inspection in cold rolling mills, hot rolling mills, CGLs, and CAPLs. Compared to our conventional model, the light power is up 33% and the size and weight is reduced to 1/3, enabling easy installation on the control panel.
A single Lamphouse intensely illuminates 2 m diameter area from 2 m distance. A pair of Lamphouses enables inspections of the both sides of the 2 m-width strip at the same time. Operators can easily adjust flash rate and light intensity by a handy controller while checking the light condition on the strip surface. The line speed synchronization function enables flashing at the preset intervals regardless of line speed variation.
Two models are available, SS-800DL (flash range 60-6000 rpm) and SS-800DH (60-15000 rpm).

Main features of SS-800D

  • A 800 W lamp intensely illuminates 2 m diameter area from 2 m distance.
  • Easy installation on the control panel. (Optional stand-alone Rack Unit is also available.)
  • Line speed synchronization function for efficient inspection.
  • Three step adjustable light intensity.
  • Optional drip-proof lamphouse SSL-800APD is available.
Lamphouse SSL-800APD


Model SS-800DL SS-800DH
Flashing range 60-6000 r/min 60-15000 r/min
Input to flash lamp 800 W×2 lamphouse 800 W×2 lamphouse
Flash duration 60 µsec or less 60 µsec or less
Trigger Internal/external trigger Internal/external trigger
Power supply 3 Phase 200 VAC, 50/60 Hz 3 Phase 200 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 540(W)×786(H)×300(D) mm 540(W)×786(H)×300(D) mm
Mass 42 kg 40 kg

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