In 1969, Sugawara became the first company to develop and commercially produce internal-triggered xenon flashlamps capable of extremely short flash durations and long life in Japan. Since then, Sugawara has produced and supplied a wide range of xenon flashlamps, including argon tubes featuring the world’s shortest flash duration (40 ns) as a sealed discharge tube, metal tubes capable of 10 joule input, and high-intensity tubes capable of 5,000 joule input.
Sugawara draws on design and production capabilities to respond in timely fashion to the needs of its customers for new strobes. We also offer products in packages incorporating trigger packs and power supply units. We encourage you to contact our sales department to discuss your specific requirements including customization.

Xenon Flashlamps

Xenon flashlamps generate high-intensity light pulses by instantaneously discharging the energy stored in a capacitor. In addition to producing high-intensity light instantaneously, they can flash repeatedly at high speed. These lamps offer continuous spectral characteristics ranging from ultraviolet to infrared to provide artificial light closest to natural sunlight. Users can also adjust the output spectrum by switching the window material or adding optical filters.
Visible light is used for still photography and video imaging, as well as for other applications including aircraft warning lights.
Infrared light is used as a light source for infrared cameras and as a heat source.
Ultraviolet light is used as a light source in medical and analytical equipment and for illuminating fluorescent paint.

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