SEMICON Taiwan 2018


Sept. 5 (Wed.) - 7 (Fri.), 2018


Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall1aT Center (No.1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei City 11568, Taiwan)

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No. K2028, Zone K (1st Floor)


Light guide type Xenon flash device: 80 W high-intensity model MS-G8010
High-intensity flash incorporating long life tube, with minimal flicker even at high flash frequency. For automated optical inspections (AOI) requiring high speed and high intensity. Delivers high intensity 80 W light output and high speed flashing up to 200 Hz with flash duration of 2.2 micro seconds.

Compact size xenon flash device MS-G221
Compact, lightweight (70×70×160 mm, 700g) 22.5W power xenon flash device for AOI for up to 450 Hz flashing. In addition to the light guide type, the direct illumination type is also available. Their compact size makes it possible to use them as movable light sources.

High-intensity, Multi-function Portable Strobe MIGHTY STROBE L-1
Mighty strobe L-1 is an LED stroboscope made by SUGAWARA, which has over 60 years of experience in stroboscope manufacturing. While fully exploiting the advantages of LED, sufficiently short flash duration and large light intensity have been achieved.

Ultrahigh-speed flashing device - NANO-PULSE LIGHT
The Nano Pulse Light is a stroboscopic light source that generates flashes of light of the world's shortest class flash duration, between 180 nanoseconds (one billionth of 180 seconds) and 45 nanoseconds. This Nano Pulse Light has been completely renovated after flourishing through many years of groundbreaking research and high-quality inspections since the launch of the first model in 1981.

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