Annular type xenon flashlamp offering outstanding cost performance

X-71 xenon flashlamp

The unit price of the X-71 is a mere ¥11,000 (1 lot, 20 pcs) to minimize the cost of xenon tubes for OEM applications.


Model X-71
Trigger type/configuration External trigger, ring shape
A-K (Anode-Cathode) voltage 1200 to 1500 V
Trigger voltage -6 to -10 kVp
Maximum continuous input power 5 W
Maximum single input power 1 Joules
Maximum flash frequency 30 Hz
Flash duration Approx. 27 μsec
Life (light intensity half-life) 6×107 Flashes (0.3 J/F)
Pulse transformer 1T2-004

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