Xenon flashlamps with extremely short flash duration of 180 ns

X-63KN xenon flashlamps

This product delivers ultra-short pulse flashes at low cost. No painstaking optical system settings are required. The sealed design maximizes light intensity while the compact dimensions provide ease-of-use. Other models are available to suit the flash duration needed (flash duration 40 ns, 75 ns, and 180 ns double intensity type)


Model X-63KN
Flash duration Approx.180 nsec
Trigger type/configuration Internal trigger / 26 mm diameter, 8 pins
A-K (Anode-Cathode) voltage 3000 to 5000 V
Trigger voltage 6 to 8 kVp
Maximum continuous input power 10 W
Maximum single input power 40 mJoules
Maximum flash frequency 100 Hz
Arc length 4 mm
Trigger pack 1T3-001

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