Ball Wavimeter
Ball Wavimeter BWM-501

Our Ball Wavimeter makes fast, accurate measurements of the waviness and roundness of balls used in ball bearings. It does this by using a specially designed spindle to rotate a ball at several hundred rpm while detecting the vibration speed with a contact sensor and displaying the waviness and roundness on the screen of a Synchro Wave Analyzer.


  • High-precision measurement: Practical measurement accuracy of 10 nm.
  • Dedicated compact speed sensor with flat characteristics (10 times greater sensitivity than laser Doppler vibrometer) originally developed and manufactured by Sugawara.
  • Speedy measurement: Real-time measurement (time required for race setting: 30 sec or less).
  • It is possible to choose between two different drive units so measurements can be performed over a wide range of ball sizes including miniature ball bearings (0.3–60 mm)
  • Dedicated Pusher for stable measurement.
  • Replaceable Arbor for measurement of rings of different sizes.
  • Measurements can be made in a total of 15 different units, including nmWcla, nmPC, nm, and nm/rad
  • Measurement results can be displayed on the analyzer in various ways, such as numerical values in the L, M, and H bands, polar graphs, spectral plots, and vibration waveforms
  • The equipment can record and play back up to 30 seconds of vibration noise, allowing quality control to be performed based on the raw vibration waveforms
  • Recording data, measurement data, measurement conditions, and screen copies can be saved to a USB memory
  • Hard copies of the screen display can be made using an optional USB thermal printer
Vibration detection of the Ball Wavimeter
Digital Meter/Polar Coordinate

Synchro Wave Analyzer SWA- series

SWA-105 Synchro Wave Analyzer

This wave analyzer works with all Wavimeters. The measurement results are divided into numerical values by frequency band and displayed as spectral plots and in polar coordinates. In addition, since the waviness waveform is displayed in real time, it can also be viewed in the same way as an oscilloscope.

Synchro Wave Analyzer

Main Specifications

Ball size range Drive Unit BWM-102: Φ0.3 mm-Φ12 mm
Drive Unit BWM-501: Φ2 mm-Φ60 mm
Measurement frequency bands Seven standard bands (U, R, L, M, H, E, A Band)
L band: 3-13 wave
M band: 13-50 wave
H band: 50-200 wave
Spindle speed Drive Unit BWM-102: 300-2000 r/min
Drive Unit BWM-501: 300-1000 r/min
Spindle bearing type Fluid dynamic bearing (oil)
Spindle drive system Direct drive
Power requirements Analyzer SWA-105: AC100 V-240 V, 1 A
Drive Unit BWM-102: AC100 V, 1 A
Drive Unit BWM-501: AC100 V, 1.5 A
Dimension(W × H × D) SWA-105: 315 mm × 218 mm × 300 mm
BWM-102: 300 mm × 420 mm × 474 mm
BWM-501: 700 mm × 1332 mm × 830 mm
Weight SWA-105: 10 kg
BWM-102: 80 kg
BWM-501: 310 kg

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