December 6 (Wed.) - 8 (Fri.), 2023



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Advanced Communication Media CO., LTD.

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No. 115

Exhibited products

LED Stroboscopes

LED Strobe for Surface Inspection LS-500, CB-LS

High-power LED Portable Strobe L-1

Palm-sized High Brightness LED Strobe P-1

Xenon Flash

Demonstration of optical inspection of 1608 chip capacitors using Xenon flash strobes.

80 W High-intensity AOI Strobe (with a Converging Mirror for Lightguide) MS-G8010

22.5 W Compact, Lightweight AOI Strobe (Light Guide Type) MS-G221

Ultrahigh-speed Flashing Device - NANO-PULSE LIGHT NP-3A, NPL-45

High-intensity, Multi-function Portable Strobe X-1

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International Technical Exhibition on Image Technology and Equipment 2023

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