Nano Pulse Light and Flash Devices for high-speed phenomenon analysis

  • Nano Pulse Light Strobodriver NP-3A

    The Nano Pulse Light is a stroboscopic light source that generates flashes of light of the world's shortest class flash duration, between 180 nanoseconds (one billionth of 180 seconds) and 45 nanoseconds. This Nano Pulse Light has been completely renovated after flourishing through many years of groundbreaking research and high-quality inspections since the launch of the first model in 1981.

  • Stroboscope ESD-VF2M-U2

    The ESD-VF2M-U2 stroboscope employs a unique lighting system to enable ultrahigh-speed time-elapsed video recording by providing flash for a relatively long duration (50 µsec to 2 msec), instead of flashing for each frame. The lighting system consists of the ESD-VF2M-U2 Strobe Driver and the SLA-153-U1 Lamphouse. For video recording of a recurring phenomenon, the FG-310 pulse generator can be added so that the record timing can be set easily while observing the phenomenon directly with the eye.